Palau is an archipelago that consists of over 500 small islands, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean, as part of the Micronesia region. The commercial center of the island is located on Koror Island, which is home to the former capital city, also named Koror. There are mountains to visit, as well as golden sandy beaches on the east coast of the island. The north of the island has grassy fields that are surrounded by lush palm trees. You can find the ancient basalt monoliths, also known as Badrulchau, in the north of the island.

The Japanese word for light house is Todai, which is significant as during the Japanese administration of the islands, the Japanese Imperial Navy built the lighthouse. Information about the lighthouse’s construction is limited, however some locals claim that the construction of the lighthouse was finally finished in 1936, which was 7 years before the beginning of World War II. The lighthouse was built to assist ships entering the harbor, so it was constructed in a strategic location to help with naval navigation.

Your tour guide may take you on a tour of the lighthouse, and explain in detail about this historical site. You can actually enter the lighthouse itself, which is worth it for the stunning panoramic view of the ocean.

It costs around $5 USD to enter the old Japanese lighthouse and it provides wide ranging views over the island, looking out across the beautiful blue ocean. The building itself is in a state of disrepair, as it has been left over the years and not restored, so it may not been much to look at. It does however have a lot of history behind it, which may interest some people.

Many people who’ve visited the lighthouse comment on the stunning view, saying it’s a view that they will never forget. It may be worth paying the entrance fee just to see the view itself.