If you’re in central Koror, why not visit the Palauan Night Market every other Friday night. You can sample different types of food and see the craft stalls positioned along the main strip, while watching the traditional performers dance and provide great live entertainment. It is an excellent opportunity to meet with the locals and see what Koror has to offer (which is plenty!).

Come on down to the Palau Night Market, where you can sample both local and international cuisine. There’s plenty of entertainment provided by both local musicians and dancers. Stop by for some fun, Palauan style!

Since the Filipino-Canadian YouTube star, Mikey Bustos, last visited in September, Palau’s Visitor Authority recorded a whopping 177 tourists and over 3,250 locals (both citizens and residents) attending the Palau Night Market for fun and entertainment.

We saw an increase in the number of participating vendors, with at least 26 vendors in attendance, making it the largest amount of vendors at the night market this year! The largest group of vendors were those selling food, with other vendors at the market selling clothes, arts and crafts, and many other items. PVA has also expanded the types of attractions available, including regular demonstrations of local crafts, such as storyboard carving and weaving.

The main theme, Forever Young, provided visitors with a fun packed evening, showcasing traditional and contemporary dancers from a number of local dance groups, including Ngiwal Dancers, Bonitas Dancers, and the Captain Malii Stars from the Koror Elementary School. To make the evening even more special, local stars including Malo, Opee, and Sheldon put on a live band for all the visitors to enjoy.

Friday night is the perfect night to visit the Palau Night Market, as people have been paid and can come on down to relax and enjoy what is on offer.

The Palau Night Market originally opened in October 2010, based on the market concept of the Asian night market, where local people gather to eat great food, shop for items, and generally socialize with one another. Tourists in the region can discover different tastes and experience local cultural performances, such as dancing. The night markets in Taipei and Manila are something that most Palauan’s are generally familiar with.

Almost 10 years ago, when the Palau Night Market first opened in Ernguul Central Park (formerly known as Bethlehem Park), it almost became a victim of its own success due to its popularity. The PVA, which is in charge of organizing and overseeing the event, had the hopes of creating an excellent environment for tourists to experience the great nightlife, through the use of markets that would empower local businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase some of the island’s greatest culinary delicacies. 10 years on, the event has grown to become very popular with the locals, rather than a place exclusively targeted for tourists.

In addition to the night market being an awesome place for locals and tourists alike, it gives local people the chance to grow their business and forge strong connections with their customers. In total, the vendors at the night market have had a combined sales of over $50,000 since its inception.

The Palau Night Market is certainly worth visiting if you’re nearby as you can experience the local delights in a fun and friendly atmosphere!