Press Release - Palau Visitors Authority

The Japanese Light House

Palau is an archipelago that consists of over 500 small islands, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean, as part of the Micronesia region. The commercial center of the island is located on Koror Island, which is home to the former capital city, also named Koror. There are mountains to visit, as well as […]

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What to do and see in Airai

The second most populous state in Palau is Airai, which is located on the south coast of the Babeldaob Island. It is where the country’s main airport, the Roman Tmetuchi International Airport, is situated, and it’s connected to Koror Island by the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge. The state itself has a population of 2,455 people, according to […]

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The Palauan Night Market

If you’re in central Koror, why not visit the Palauan Night Market every other Friday night. You can sample different types of food and see the craft stalls positioned along the main strip, while watching the traditional performers dance and provide great live entertainment. It is an excellent opportunity to meet with the locals and […]

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