The pristine and bountiful waters surrounding Palau have long attracted divers from across the world. In an effort to diversify tourism in the archipelago, Palau Visitors Authority introduced the Alii Pass program.

Whether you are a foodie, historian, or just an average traveler who simply wants to experience something new, activities from the Alii Pass such as, Experience Airai and Dusk at Todai should be added to your travel itinerary when visiting Palau, for three key reasons:

  1. Culture. It gives you an opportunity to experience our culture at its best. Palauan culture is composed of many facets and a large component of it is food. For instance, the entire taro plant can be divided into three key food groups- starch, protein, and dessert—and can be made into different delicacies.
  2. Unique. It is rare to have these experiences. Traditional food preparations, chants and dances are done mostly for special ceremonies. You will also be accompanied by an expert guide from that village.
  3. Sustainable. These tours play an essential role in sustaining livelihoods—help locals earn income, provides a leisure activity for family households, and is instrumental in preserving our cultural heritage. In addition to reducing our environmental impact, both tours exercise a plastic-free directive, using only reusable or biodegradable material for plates and utensils.

Palau Visitors Authority launched both Experience Airai and Dusk at Todai tours in 2019 as tours part of a larger project, Alii Pass. The pass aims to introduce travelers to our unique culture and history, while underpinning sustainable practices.

Experience Airai (Full tour: approximately 3 hours)
Within a year of its launch, “Experience Airai” received the prestigious Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Award for Community Based Tourism in Kazakhstan on April 2019.

Located in Airai State, this tour takes you to historical landmarks and structures, beginning at the Chief’s traditional meeting house, called Bai ra Rengara Irrai. At the end of the tour, you are welcomed by the women or “mechas” of the village with a traditional style lunch buffet prepared especially for you!

Dusk at Todai (4-hour tour)
A relaxing night underneath the stars greeted with a dinner buffet of local delicacies and traditional dance performances.. Dusk at Todai is \a monthly dinner show in Ngarchelong State, set at the old Japanese Lighthouse situated on a hilltop. It affords visitors a stunning panoramic view of the ocean. WWII remnants are spread throughout the site showcasing the hisory of a storied past. of the past. The monthly event presents Palau’s many facets — its food, history, and culture.

The Alii Pass program does more than just provide excellent and diverse possibilities for visitors. The stream of income supports local communities socially and financially, thereby becoming a sustainable way to preserve Palau’s culture and traditions. PVA currently has other projects in the works to add more optional fun and wholesome activities to the Alii Pass program.

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