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Tori-Tori Restaurant

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Vegetable Fresh Lumpia with Plum Taste

Appetizer Fried Seafood Dumpling 

Appetizer Small Taro Croquette

Appetizer, Kangkum with Sesami miso sauce

Appetizer Anchovy Fried Potato

Appetizer, Fried Rice Cake in Dashi Soup

Appetizer Cream cheese with Plum sauce

Appetizer, Kimchee and Cold Tofu

Appetizer, Green Soy Bean

Grilled Fish Filled W / Lemon

Recommendation, Fish Teppanyaki

Recommendation, Stir Fried Udon

Recommendation, Fish Steak

Recommendation, Pork Rib Ramen

Recommendation, Fried chicken Set

Recommendation, Special Pork curry

Rice, Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll

Meat, Chicken Teriyaki

Recommendation, Lightly broiled fresh local fish

Recommendation, Simmered pork belly with Palauan shochu NAGOMI

Recommendation, Steamed Mangrove clam with Japanese sake

Recommendation Broiled giant clam

Recommendation Sizzling Angus beef steak

Recommendation Assorted Sushi

Recommendation, Cheese burger w/Fries

Recommendation Fried chicken Sushi roll

Tori Tori Set Menu, Grilled Fish with Small Salad, Appetizers and Miso Soup

Tori Tori Set Menu, Japanese style Chicken Burger Steak

Tori Tori Set Menu, Deep Fried Chicken with Small Salad, Appetizers and Miso Soup

Tori Tori Set Menu, Marinated Local Fish Rice Bowl with Appetizers and Miso Soup

Tori Tori Set Menu, Sushi Roll & Cold Soba Noodle with Appetizers

Tori tori Set Menu, Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl with Appetizers and Miso Soup

Fish Dish, Fish head soup

Fish Dish, Grilled Makerel Pike

Fish Dish, Sizzling Prawn with Garlic Butter

Fish Dish, Grilled Shrimp

Fish Dish, Grilled Marinated Lacal Fish w Palau Lemon

Fish Dish, Miso Marinated local Fish

Fish Dish, Assorted Sahimi

Fish Dish, Sashimi of the day

Meat, Sizzling Tofu Steak

Meat, Big Chicken Meat ball Skewer

Meat, Pork Spareribs Salt

Meat, Pork Spareribs Soy

Meat, Assorted Skewers

Meat, Coconut Pork cutlet

Meat, Deep Fried Chicken

Noodle Pork Rib Soup Noodle

Noodle, Cold Noodle with Red ginger

Noodle Cold Thin Wheat Noodle

Noodle, Stir Fry Udon Noodle (Meat or Seafood)

Noodle Chicken Udon (Hot or Cold)

Vegetable Dish, Local Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable Dish, Beef and Vegetable Sautee

Vegetable Dish, Seafood Salad

Vegetable Dish Fried Eggplant and Onion Salad

Vegetable Dish, Chicken Salad coconut oil dressing

Rice, Rice & Plum in Green Tea

Rice, Rice & Chicken in Soup

Rice, Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll

Rice Mangrove Crab Carifolnia Roll

Rice, Spicy Local Fish Hand Roll

Rice, Marinaded Local Fish Rice Bowl

Rice, Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl

Dessert, Billum (Palauan Tapioka Rice Cake)

Dessert, Ice Cream with Coffee Jelly

Dessert, Vanilla Ice Cream

Dessert, Tropical Fruits Halo Halo


Tori-Tori Restaurant

We accept now all menu take out and delivery service.
Starting 4/1 our business hour will be changed

Business hour :

Lunch 11:00 – 14:00 Dinner 17:00-23:30

Dinner only 17:00 -23:30 Lunch close
Thursday close whole day

Delivery time :
11:30 – 13:30
17:30 – 21:30
except Thurseday and Sunday lunch time

Delivery service fee :
– Order Total amount $30 up Free delivery
– Order Total amount below $30
* Koror area $3
* Airai area (negotiatable depend on time ,total amount of order please call us)


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Open 12:00 pm
Close 12:00 pm
Restaurant Policies

General Policy

The prices are subject to change without prior notice, delivery fees may apply, minimum order may apply.
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Add $30.00 worth more foods to get free delivery.
Delivery Fee:


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